A Day In London – (Photoshoot)

Having a wander in London is a great way to discover new places and start an adventure either eating some amazing food served in a street stall or paying a visit to an exhibition of an international artist.


London is full of different options that won’t disappoint you. Get on the train and let it take you to your next venture in the city.

This time I wondered around Notting Hill and visited  Portobello market. It was so nice, full of colourful houses and stalls. It’s a great place to visit and know a little bit more of the people who make a life there, their culture and foods. But I didn’t go there only for a visit, I was taking pictures of a friend, Jonny and we started at Portobello market and headed all the way through and picked some quirky places for taking his pics.

We had a great time and the pictures look really nice. I’m posting on here the outcome of the shoot.

Hope you enjoy







#Brexit Series by Jolro


The UK decided 2 and a half weeks ago their own path regarding leaving the EU and the result has sparked a lot of situations from politicians resigning, to protests, to recollecting signatures to ask for another referendum, to reports of racist confrontations and including searchers on Google about “what would happen after leaving the EU?”.

The EU referendum sets out the legal framework withdrawal from the European Union as there was a majority that voted to leave, citing Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty.

As part of this whole political, cultural and social burst I decided to document some people and their views about the UK leaving the EU, how they feel about it and what they think the UK is heading to.

This series of pictures show a different side from what we see on the media and what some people believe Britons are wether they voted Remain or Leave. I have heard opinions from non-British people who live in England that suggest those who voted Leave are based on immigration reasons and because they are ALL racists. Personally I believe that generalising and thinking EVERYONE thinks/acts a certain way is ignoring that there’s a wider picture to all of this and that NOT everyone based their vote on immigration.That’s why I decided to show the other side of the coin by taking pictures of people approached at random without having any particular preference on either side.

Whatever happens from now, we all hope (British and European nationals) that everyone’s opinion is taken under consideration and also that politicians get to an agreement that benefits all of us in the short and long time.

She is English and she thinks the UK would have been better in the EU for many reasons but the main one is because she thinks the UK was in a bad place before the EU and once it was created and established it boosted the economy, Europe and free movement. “I love traveling and I want to be free but I believe there are going to be new agreements that will help us to overcome this.”


She is English and she said to me: “I voted remain because I think UK was better off in the EU and I totally think we should be educated about politics. Making a huge decision like this was so important and leaving it on our hands took great responsibility and now the people who voted remain will have to pay for other people’s decision. I will continue to spread love and happiness. I respect everyone’s opinion.”


He is English and he said to me: “For me #Brexit is the chance to let our economy thrive without restriction. I don’t like that the EU has some undemocratic aspects to it, like unelected officials making laws for the UK and countries who vote on other matters are quite often ignored if they don’t fit with the EU’s plans. I also don’t like the common fisheries policy as I know a lot of fishermen who are struggling as the EU imposes very harsh quotas on them for what they can catch.”


She is half Brazilian, half German and when I asked her about #Brexit, she said “It’s very disappointing because I think Britain benefited from being part of the EU.”

He is English and he said: “I voted #remain because I believe in EU and it’s been part of this country for years”

He is English and he said: I voted leave mainly because I was influenced by my family and also because of the farm situation due to economic reasons.”


She became a British citizen and she said: “I have very mixed feeling about #Brexit, I think we would have been better in, for many reasons but at the same time the Leave campaign had some good points.”

Walking around town decided to snap a few people and ask them about the UK leaving the EU. This Portuguese guy said to me “I don’t really like the idea of leaving but I must carry on with my life and keep working”

Baston Car Show


The Baston Car Show attracted around 4,500 people in 2015 who went to see over 450 vehicles. It has become a very important event around the area and it’s definitely a must-do for those who are interested in cars and bikes.


In the event there is a whole mix of old and new, from very sporty type of cars to very old-fashioned cars. There would definitely be a car for your taste.


I got to walk around the whole place and see all these people showing their vehicles, some of them being on sale. There were dealers who you could talk to straight away if you went there to purchase a car.

There’s also great fun for the whole family, refreshments, live music, fairground rides and plenty of other attractions. It’s actually a place to spend some quality time with family or friends.







Chinese New Year


Time’s important to us as humans and history is what’s written throughout it. Yesterday for the first time I could appreciate an event that I was very unfamiliar with and honestly I did really enjoy it.

The Spring Festival is celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar and it’s believed that Buddha called all the animals to meet him on a Chinese New Year. Twelve came and he named each year after every one of them. That’s why this year according to the Chinese calendar, it’s the Year of The Monkey.





In London as in other main cities around the world, there’s a strong based Chinese community with its specific China Town where the celebrations take place. In London this event is celebrated with traditional foods. A huge variety of meats from chicken to fish. Also parades with people dressed in different costumes wander around the city spreading joy and color.



There are also acrobatic performances, pyrotechnics and a lantern festival which is displayed at night time.

What surprised me the most was seeing people from different cultures getting together and celebrating something very meaningful to Chinese people. There’s was no boundaries and what you could feel was unity all around.



I totally believe that we as humans should open ourselves to other cultures and ways of thinking. Start knowing a bit more why others are the way they are without any prejudice, open our hearts to maybe learn a new lesson.


Photographs and Article by Jolro

Venezuela Ganó



No es una sorpresa para muchos que la oposición en Venezuela haya ganado estas últimas elecciones parlamentarias. Colocándolos como una mayoría  y  dándoles unos 107 puestos (aun esperando el resultado final) sobre unos 55 puestos de los rojos dentro de la Asamblea Nacional. Esto les da una ventaja significativa para el periodo 2016 – 2021.

Durante el periodo de campaña antes de las elecciones parlamentarias, hubo muchos análisis de cuáles podrían ser los resultados, pero siempre dando como mayoritario al grupo opositor, la MUD (Mesa de La Unidad Democrática), por lo que grupos del lado oficialista realizaron campañas de amenazas, manipulación y engaño para atraer a más votantes a su lado, pero dando resultados bastante diminutivos comparándolos con los de su contraparte.

En diferentes estados del país se presenció cómo algunos militantes del gobierno realizaban actividades y jornadas para entregar diferentes artículos para captar a personas débiles que se conforman con una miseria, por el intercambio de su voto, fidelidad y lealtad en las elecciones.

En otros sectores del país se pudo observar una campaña política engañosa, en donde algunos militantes del oficialismo colocaban pancartas con la imagen de líderes de oposición apoyando propaganda del gobierno, creando así, una confusión en aquellas personas que no tienen una idea clara de qué persona representaba qué partido.

Otra de las cosas que llamó la atención fue la realización de un partido llamado MID Unidad, con colores y logotipos muy similares a la coalición del partido MUD, el fin era confundir y distraer a votantes al momento del sufragio.




El presidente Maduro en una de sus transmisiones televisivas amenazó a líderes y militantes de oposición al decir que si llegaban a ganar las elecciones, él iba a salir a las calles con sus partidarios, refiriéndose a ellos mismos como “candela con burrundanga” y además dejó a entender que él estaba preparado militarmente a la hora de cualquier evento. En otras palabras, el mismo presidente de la República en televisión nacional, admitió que iba a defender la revolución haciendo lo necesario.

Ellos buscaron muchas formas de poder confundir, engañar y manipular a personas con el simple hecho de obtener más votos para así perpetuarse en el poder, como lo han venido haciendo por muchos años, pero el 6 de Diciembre la MAYORÍA lanzó un mensaje claro y rotundo.

La campaña que ejecutó el oficialismo fue nada más y nada menos que la misma representación de las últimas patadas que da un ahogado. Realmente no se veía un futuro seguro para los rojos y las promesas que habían realizado anteriormente, se convirtieron en viento y polvo, dejando a todo un pueblo con hambre de cambio y de un nuevo respiro. Por eso miles de personas se retiraron de sus campañas, no aceptaron chantajes y perdieron el miedo, por eso dijeron NO.

NO al chantaje, no al miedo, NO a la corrupción, NO al atropello de los Derechos Humanos y NO al mal llamado Socialismo del Siglo XXI.

Venezuela finalmente expresó lo que desde hace mucho tiempo no había expresado y por fin habló de que quiere un cambio y que éste se vea reflejado en todas las áreas que como ciudadanos nos desenvolvemos, desde la calle, nuestras casas, supermercados, nuestra moneda y así en TODO aquello que se nos fue quitado.

En la siguiente entrada escribiré mi opinión acerca de el porqué creo que el gobierno aceptó los resultados de estas elecciones de forma “tranquila” y además mi opinión de lo que podrían realizar en un futuro.

Fotografías y artículo por Jolro



Pre-dining Opening of Handmade Burger Co.

top Since I’ve been in the UK I have experienced a variety of different foods, really distant in tastes and looks from my typical home country’s food. For me it’s something really easy to do, because I love trying new dishes and even more if they are for free. So, one week ago I was invited to go to the pre-dining opening for one of the most amazing burger restaurant chains that I have ever been to and to be honest I counted the days and hours until the day arrived.  Finally, this last Thursday I went with 5 friends to the big pre-dining opening night of Handmade Burger Co. to have a free taste of the menu and to experience the service at the new local in Queensgate at The Old Still.

B Once we’d arrived to the restaurant they were really attentive and took us to our table quickly, gave us a brief explanation of the menu and how to order. The menu has a lot of different options which is amazing, from really meaty-meat burgers to veggie food. There are options for everyone. Also, there are different drinks, you can choose from classic soft drinks to a really thick milkshake, they all match perfectly with the food. Whatever your choice is, you definitely  won’t regret it.


The big moment is finally here and we are going to try the burgers that we were anticipating for weeks. My choice this time was a Macho barbecue beef, cheese and bacon burger with extra crushed avocado and smoked bacon, and let me tell you, that burger is HUGE, you will have no ideahow to start eating it. I also asked for a bowl of seasoned (rosemary salt) chips (fries) with a sweet chili dip and a side of homemade coleslaw.

BT These burgers are quality in every sense. Visually, the food is amazingly well displayed, and in taste is just another level of flavors, you can tell the freshness. Each bite gets better than the previous one.

AE After our feast, we couldn’t miss the dessert and we asked for sundaes with different toppings and flavors, mine was a brownie & waffle one which has vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, toffee sauce, topped with whipped cream. It’s just amazing, really good taste and enjoyable.

DT Personally, I think Handmade Burger Co. is one of the best burger restaurants in the UK. It has everything you can look and ask for in a burger restaurant. It has the service, the look and the taste. If I have made your mouth water, you should definitely look for the nearest Handmade Burger Co. restaurant and pay it a visit. You won’t regret it at all!


 Pictures and article by Jolro